March 12, 2012
Oh my, how the truth will hurt.
They say they are positive that we are alone;
No doubt that our home is the only rock with life—with us.
They say. But who are they to withhold such knowledge—such power.
Who are they to ultimately know what is true and what is false? They tell us
Not one single other planet is habitable, that not one could possibly sustain life.
But it's an infinite universe, and we are the only ones? I know the truth. The lies
They feed us are supposed to be for our own good—for our own safety. Lies.
I glance numbly at the familiar vegetation sprouting from lush soil. There
is more. They need to know. No more lies. The truth must come
out. It must. Clutching my notes, I scurry to reveal to my
sheltered people this fresh region, filled with risk.
The hard, distant land called Earth.

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