My Missing Puzzle Piece

February 20, 2012
I feel an empty hole
letting the winter's chill
inside my soul
Nothing can patch the cold abyss
Only the piece that I miss

It seems as if I know you
though we've never met
Finding you will be one adventure
I will never regret

Daily I search
but you never appear
You have no worries
for I am here
patiently waiting
Never wavering
from my life's duty

I want you to be here
I want you by my side
Never to leave
warming me as my eternal companion
We'll never run or hide

Long years of searching
every corner of the world
Suddenly, I spot a silhouette
dancing on my floor
A shadow cast by the afternoon sun
Making me wonder

Could it be you, my love?
Have you come to be with me?
To love me forever?
For eternity?

Walking towards me
I gaze upon your face
Finally meeting you
after this life-long chase

I am complete now
The space inside my soul
filled with assuring love
Like a dove
I am alive and free
I tighten my hold
protecting my love

Lost but now found
I have you
My love
My other half
My missing puzzle piece

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