It Starts With You

March 8, 2012
By Anonymous

If our counties had feelings based on the economy, all the countries must be depressed. America has depression because the country is only slowly coming out of the Recession. Japan is slowly pulling itself out of the wreckage that the country has undergone, but it will leave scars so that the people will never forget. Some parts of Ukraine have been so badly damaged that it's unbearable. Canada goes so unnoticed, and when the country is noticed, it's ridiculed. Let's not forget Prussia (East Germany). East Germany climbs up the stairs just to be pushed down them again.
On top of all of this our countries are at war. Some of them are still pulling themselves together. Yet others go through no cooling-off period between wars, what-so-ever. Some countries harass others to get them to participate in the war. How long do we have before another World War breaks out and even more lives are lost than during the last two?
We need to pull ourselves together. We need to get a grip and overcome our differences. We need to get over our pasts and start to make a better future.
Some people follow others' examples. Others set the example. Make the right choice. Do what is right. Try and influence those around you to do the right thing. If we all do this our economies will be better. Our countries will be better. It all starts with one person, so why can't it be you?

The author's comments:
This is basically a vent that I made when I wasn't having too good of a day. I hope you enjoy it if you haven't read it and if you have, then I hope you enjoyed it.

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