Never say Never

March 8, 2012
By Kimberly92 BRONZE, San Juan, Other
Kimberly92 BRONZE, San Juan, Other
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Be assured that you can never say never

We’ve all been betrayed by those whom we love dearly
Those who call themselves friends and even our family
But what hurts more than being betrayed itself is when it’s by those you really trust
You beg ‘Lord take it away but I’ll suffer if I must’
You get to a point where you can hardly bare the immensity of such pain
But you fight through it knowing that such suffering could never be in vain
Looking around for a helping hand, a smile or even someone to greet
But there’s nothing and no’s as if the world had fallen asleep

It really is amazing to see how quickly a rumour can spread
And how selective people are to solely believe what the enemy has said
Using undeserved power to say who’s good and who’s bad, what’s wrong and what’s right
Until the truth becomes covered by slanders and lies
It sinks deeper and lower with every mistaken stare, every lashing insult
Blood, sweat and tears is what it seems to take
To continue on the way after one is betrayed…

You’ve made a fool out of me with your endless mockery
Am I then now living my self-fulfilling prophecy?
How much love would it take, to shatter you myopic state?
My interior silence amplifies your shouts of disgust
So falsely interpreted, so unknowingly unjust
But I refuse to act in a way that mirrors what I must endure
Through this hurt, shame and pain I’ll love you even more

Love you even more although you’re unable to care
So upon my shoulders this cross I shall bear
Not pleading for answers to the hows and whys.
With each step I recall a happy memory from the past
And with each fall I’m now reminded of the great contrast
But I’m determined to get to the top of this hill in my life
So no matter what I’ll continue to strive

It seems as if it’s coming to an end
Maybe you’re satisfied that you’ve had your revenge
Out of all only two feel sorry for what they did
But the numbers aren’t important, those two I now forgive
I’ve given everything and all I can say is ‘It is done’
Three days from now I’ll rise above this and be as radiant as the sun

All this, I suffered for you
Because of the betrayal of that one person who shouted ‘Crucify Jesus the King of the Jews!’
If someone were to ask us,
Would you fall asleep and leave your friend to suffer alone?
Would you scourge a man who did nothing wrong?
Would you crown someone with thorns and make them walk with a large wooden cross for miles?
Then nail them to the cross and leave them there to die?

And of course to this we’ll all answer
Me? Do such horrible things? I could never
Well every time we sin this is what we ought to remember
And then we’ll be assured that we can never say never

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