Divided or joined

March 8, 2012
We walk out each day,
Rain or shine, we ask
We walk down the road each day
Pause at each fork, right or left, we ask
The world is two, hemispheres
Good or evil, hate or love?
Does the dove fly by our side,
Its wings of peace bringing friends together
Or does the fire burn and cackle
Laughing as it destroys bonds and all things

Things are divided, yes
But not all, no
Water and dirt, mud
Rain and sun, rainbow
Why, we have doves flying above fire
Friends coming and going
Things destroyed and reborn
Like the phoenix
Dove and fire, phoenix?

We stand here day after day
The filling in a sandwich
Sometimes we burn with the bread,
Sometimes we remain safe
And sometimes we are slightly injured
However, all things are reborn
Divided or not, yes or no
All things fit together
In the big picture of life
Are we divided or joined?

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