Dark Flame Inside

March 12, 2012
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I am rage and destruction
I wonder why I cause so much pain to others without trying
I hear them crying in my dreams and will I walk by them with my wicked smile
I see the pain in the once I love and the once I wished for them to suffer
I want to make them pay for the wrong they have done to me in the past but it my turn to make them suffer
I am rage and destruction
I pretend to help them but in the end I end up hurting them
I feel like I nice guy when I do it but that’s all a dream
I touch the tiers a had made them shed
I worry that I will have no one left in my life to hold close to me
I cry embers when I hurt the once I thought were right for me
I am rage and destruction
I understand the is no were in the world for a monster with no solo and a darkened heart
I say don’t be me with a darkened heart and don’t let the one of your dreams get away
I dream of me with her walking into the fiery abs
I try to know what love is but love is like a flame if you don’t have a spark there is no flame
I hope I will change from this monster into the one of her dreams
I am rage and destruction

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