The Beach

March 12, 2012
By ayogabbagabba BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
ayogabbagabba BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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I feel the warm sand on my five digits I call toes
The sun is dancing on my already warm face as if it is trying to burn it
The gentle breeze gently caresses my soft dark brown hair
And sounds of the mesmerizing waves fill my ear
Soon, calmness takes over my body as if I am in Heaven

Glistening waters catch my common colored dark brown eyes
As I am attracted to its blue ripples
My body is now packed with a feeling of euphoria
And I splash in a sea full of fun
I laugh and smile as my body and mind has fun like there is no tomorrow

The light sparkling water, along with the sun’s setting and palm trees
Make a beautiful painting that is impossible to sketch out
I am in a trance I cannot get out of
My eyes cannot move or tear at all, even if I commanded it
Because it is in love.

My pupils snap out of this magnificent trance,
For they are satisfied at the moment
I go back to the sounds of children and transparent ear ringing winds
Looking to my right, my friends come into view and playing with them sounded nice in my mind
I catch them in their little bathing suits designed with the official flowers of Hawaii.

Unexpectedly, painfully, the sun sets.
Have I been in a trance with this beach for too long? … guess I have.
But no, I am not done, not finished, with this place, but my perished family is.
“See you later!” I remember saying to my friends and this place.
So I rinse my over tanned body, pack my things, get in the car, and go home. I will miss you, Waikiki Beach.

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