You by Blue Jay

March 10, 2012
My dear, my dear
Please would you
Lend me your ear

Listen to me
Speak in rhyme
And remember the times

Remember the good
When I thought we had
A closer bond than them

I was led to believe
That everything about you
Was beautiful

That everything about you
Was wonderful
And free

I thought that maybe
If I just stayed myself
We would be…

But this melodrama-
This emotion.
Nothing good can come of it

So I will close myself off
And push you away
Even though I wish you to stay

Because, you see
I don’t want to get hurt
Because hurt is weakness

Because I don’t want to be wrong
I don’t want to be laughed at
I don’t want to be crushed.

And what right do I have?
To cry over you?
No right.

None at all
Tell me this isn’t true
Without thought,
Without reason or rhyme
Without logic, I’m lost in time

I’ve reached an impasse
Where all I want is you,
But none of you as well.

I don’t want to be weak
I’m not weak-
But I’m writing this to you

As a heads up
That I simply
Love you.

I know the
What, the how, the why
And now you try

To figure me out
Because I am a puzzle
To be put together

I am a blue jay
Headstrong and free
I have a dare for you:
Try and tame me.

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