Sweet Taste Of Temptation.

March 10, 2012
By LilyMay SILVER, Euclid, Ohio
LilyMay SILVER, Euclid, Ohio
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The Sweet Taste Of Temptation,
This Poison Is My Infatuation,
Living Without,
Is Like Not Living At All,
This Poison Was Just An Escape,
A Way Out,
Of This Reality We Live In,
I’m Lying To Myself,
This Poison Was My Favorite Sin,
At The Sight Of It My Knees Went Week,
I Didn’t Want To Live Without,
I Swear If I Knew,
This Poison Was Going To Be Only Thing I’d Seek,
I’d Never Have Took That First Taste,
But I’m Lying To Myself,
I’d Do It All Over Again,
If I Had The Chance,
Because Every Fiber In My Body Longs For Another Taste,
There’s Only One Word To Describe This,
To Describe Why Living Without,
Is Worse Than Not Living At All,
Why It Makes My Knees Go Weak,
Why This Is My Favorite Sin,
Why I Do Not Want To Live With Out,
Addiction Is The Word,
But This Is More Than An Addiction,
This Is A Love,
An Obsession,
An Infatuation,
I Don’t Think You’d Be Able To Understand,
Unless You Knew First Hand,
How The Poison Consumes Your Soul,
Changes Your Mind,
Changes Your Life,
It Kills You Slowly,
And It Has You Dying For More,
Willing To Leave Everything Behind,
This Poison I Do Adore,
This Is Where I Admit,
And Even Though This Poison Is Always On My Mind,
Even Though I’m Dying For More,
Dying For Just One More Taste,
I Can’t Leave My Life Behind.

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