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March 10, 2012
By MimiCakes SILVER, Naperville, Illinois
MimiCakes SILVER, Naperville, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"No matter what your going through, there is always someone around the world who has it worse than you."
"sometimes you have to push your pride to the side and let things slide"

Take a step back

Become part of the background
Look around you and observe the beauty
Appreciate the things you can't see
Remember to keep patience in your pocket
Don't always rush into things
Why not stop and think for a bit
Pause life and relax
So many wonders in the world
Alot of things we cannot process
As the snow falls or the wind blows,
strum the chords of your own song
Sing the words in your heart & soul
Relax because you can only move so fast
Life will always go at it's own pace
When things seem to all shatter
You want to put the pieces back together perfectly
Why not remodel and create a work of art,
from what once was seemingly perfect,
you have the pieces of a masterpiece waiting to be built
Let every color in your soul shine and keep the movie of life playing

The author's comments:
I am proud of this piece of work, nd hope you like it too

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