I Love

March 10, 2012
I love you it is true
But I know that it can never be
I love your eyes and the way they glow brown
I love your smile that reminds me when you are happy
I love our height difference
And the way that I could rest my head on your chest
I love the fact that you breath air
You have a heart of gold and a mind of steel
You have the faith of a pope and the soul of a wise old man
The way you know everything about my favorite bands
And the way you trust me
I love that
I love the way you hold me close to your body when I am shaken sad
I love how you support me
You are my best friend
And you make me feel like a goddess
I love everything about you even if you don’t believe it
I love your under bite
I love your creativity
I love how square you are
And your dimples
And your olive skin
And you glow when you see me
I glow when I see you
I glow at the sound of your voice
When I see your name connected to a text message I smile
And I love the way you love me
Even though it could never happen

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