My love

March 9, 2012
A kiss can change everything.
With you, it changed the world.
The stars seem a little brighter.
And the sun, a little higher.
My smile never fades, even when you've gone away.

Just the sound of your voice is enough to make my heart race.
And everyone knows there's nothing I wouldn't do to see your handsome face.

When you stare at me, the world stands still.
Sometimes I wish that I could freeze the picture, and stare back until the end of time.
The adoration we have has no rhythm, no rhyme... And we could never be defined.

So place your hand in mine.
That's where it belongs.
Touch your lips to mine.
Loose yourself, I don't mind.
We're perfect together, can't you see...?
I belong with you.
You belong with me.

Hold me close, keep me safe.
Whisper in my ear all the sweet things I love to hear.
You've heard me say it a million times, this is true.
But these words have never rang so true.
I love you my dear, honestly I do.

I'm yours forever, and only yours.
No one could ever compare to you.
You're my prince charming coming to make me the princess I've always wanted to be.
I'm proud to call you mine, and only mine forever.

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