Look Into My Eyes

March 10, 2012
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Have you ever heard that saying,
you know how it goes
something about eyes and a window to the soul
and if you are an expert, friend do tell
when you look into my eyes
what is it that you see?

They are green and brown and not a whole lot more.
Does that mean I am from the earth,
or that I shall be buried in it?
Do I like mint ice cream,
or would I prefer chocolate?
And if presented with the opportunity
which through would I rather run?
The silkiest of winter mud,
or grass under a summer sun?

My eyes are brown and green and not a whole lot more.
Except for a small stain in the center.
Someone must have spilled ink on them when I was younger.
Yes, two dots of black ink to mask the brown
and melt the green.
Does that mean at the center of my soul there is only darkness?
Cruel feelings? Dirty feelings? Fear and uncertainty?

And all around there is white.
The green and brown cut off by white
like a canvas forgotten by the artist,
it is clean and untouched.
Does that mean on the surface I appear truthful?
My image neat and bright and unscathed?

Dear friend, it is alright
you have no need for lies
but please, look into my eyes
and tell me where they lead.

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