Letting Go

March 9, 2012
The sky was gray, gray as my mood.
It was going to rain soon.
I feel the wind in my hair, cold and harsh.
The cold bridge rails beneath my bare feet.
I hold on tightly, not letting go.
The river beneath running fast, its waters deep and dark.
I breathe in and out, watching my white breathe in the cold air.
I close my eyes, listening to the sound of the running waters.
I think about how life has gone by and how miserable it has been.
My mother drinking until she passes out.
My father in jail, the most dangerous criminal.
And then me, the girl without friends, the girl no one pays attention to, and the girl nobody cares about.
I inhale the cold air and then I exhale.
I let go of the rails, I’m falling through the air, into the waters below.
I feel the cold water piercing my skin like knives.
My body starts feeling numb, and then…..darkness.

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