It's Finally 5 Past 4

March 9, 2012
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I'm supposed to be wearing varsity jackets.
Enjoying the joys of being captain
‘Cause the girl that couldn't get that first 8 count in the back,
She's finally catching on.

I'm supposed to be pondering 8 months early
How I'm going to distribute 10 graduation tickets
to 17 people.
Ending conversations with, "I promise I'll take pictures."

I'm supposed to be explaining to my prom date
why he should maybe wear a black suit.
I've changed my mind about white.

Instead ....

Well instead, there's a new senior who's more than senior.
She's graduate.
And it doesn't matter about my captain dreams
I should just get in windows with everyone else.
Senior means upper underclassmen now. Apparently.

Instead of tickets,
I'm fighting with people who've already had their turn at 17.
Whose regrets weigh on me like 80's door knocker earrings,
And unrealized dreams,
dripping like jerry curl juice.

And instead of contrasting black and white
with my prom date.
I'm wondering if he'll even last ‘til prom.
Or past it.
To freshman year, through life.
To our wedding day.
At least that's what the plan is.

Expectations are our minds' way
of pondering us.
Of training themselves
to accept failure in an area.
that the word should not exist.
The notion alone is sin.

165 more times to try being a senior.
Maybe tomorrow, I'll just try again.
But hearing, "Don't get pregnant before June 7th."
Instead of, "Follow your dreams.",
can put a damper on those exciting things
that you thought would happen this year.

The only thing they were right about.
is that it's almost 2012.
and thank the holy trinity.
the end of this world is finally near.

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