My Prince Charming

March 12, 2012
By Anonymous

I want to be swept of my feet like Cinderella
I want a guy that had Adam Sandler's humor
A guy who's willing to go on a picnic with me
Who will randomly take me on an adventure

Someone who loves my personality and looks
Who will take me out to dance and give me his jacket when it gets cold
A guy who isn't afraid to be himself around me
A guy that will go get ice cream with me in the summer afternoons

A guy who will watch the stars with me
Someone to trust with my dreams and secrets
A guy who is willing to pass notes with me in the middle of class
A guy who is honest and tells me when I piss him off

A guy who will throw a rock at my window at 12pm and sing me a song
I want a guy that will get along with my family and to get along with his
A guy to go to the carnival and ride all the rides a billion times with me
I want a guy who isn't perfect because I'm not perfect either

A guy who will have a mud fight with me in the middle of the rain
I want a guy to get married to and have children with
A guy that when we grow old we still love each other like when we were young
Mostly I want a guy that will be my lover and my best friend

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