Last Final Moments

February 27, 2012
By Anonymous

Those crucial last moments are approaching,
for anyone to pay their respects,
for close friends to say their last good byes,
for family members to say the 3 most memorable words to him…
I Love You.

We gathered in the bare white room.
I look to the front
where my great grandfather lies peacefully.
No more pain.
No more misery.

The solider strategically walks silently to the casket.
He lays the long American flag,
purified red and white stripes, royal blue square, and crystal clear stars,
over the precisely finished wooden casket.
He is honored for severing our country so long.

The soldiers place the flag-covered casket
in the back of the hearse.
We walk to our cars, weeping and wispily talking
about the miraculous memories we all shared together.
As we follow the hearse, we encourage each other that it’s going to be okay.

Standing at the grave site, we listen to the pastor.
“Thank you for coming,”said one of the funeral workers.
We all slowly, hesitantly make a line heading towards the casket.
Placing our hands on the cold casket for the last time, we seal it with a kiss
and throw dirt.

Those crucial last moments are here,
Time to face our fears of leaving Grandpa Sassenrath.
Time to face the fact that he is really gone.
Time to lay the final rose on his casket.
I Love You.

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