Unwelcomed Visitor

February 27, 2012
By Lauren Ahart BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
Lauren Ahart BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
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Glancing over at the beeping alarm clock,
I see it’s time to dress for school.
Draaaggiinnggggggg out of bed,
I make my way to the d i s t a n t


Staring into the foggy mirror, I appear
restless|sseltser, and
bummy | ymmub.

My eyes are still sluggish, and the lukewarm water
attempts to wash away the lethargy,
the curse of mother nature
the cramps that constantly contract in my stomach.

I am a WOMAN,
murmuring wishful thoughts
and spewing out curse words
as I climb back into bed.

I lie motionless, gazing at the ceiling,
while my internal being screams,
and I ponder how I will conquer
this excruciating pain.

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