The Truth Behind the Dead Eyes

March 11, 2012
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Eyes, lost in the midst of an everlasting eternity. Eyes, devoid of emotion, of depth, or love.

No one shall save these eyes, for they are coveted by none. And yet, they are beautiful, these cruel, cruel eyes.

Beautiful, because in all the time they've existed, they've endured loss upon loss, each tragedy bringing with it a new appreciation for pain.

Eyes, flat, dead eyes.
Eyes for which no one dares to meet, afraid they're happiness will be torn from them just as happiness was torn from these eyes.

Eyes, cruel and cold and dead. Though, undeniably beautiful in their agony.

Tear upon tear falls from these eyes, and nothing shall stop them.

For these eyes have suffered great loss, greater than your wildest dream.

Eyes. Sullen, dark, devoid.
Eyes, dead, cruel, eyes.

Hardened and tortured, these eyes gaze out at the world from a curtain of despair, longing for the loved ones that these eyes have lost.

But beautiful.


Very, very beautiful.

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