The Void

March 11, 2012
I'm standing on the edge again
how'd I get here?
staring down into a pit
known too well
hoping I can walk away
again it temps me
with silence, numbness
trying to break free
I cant yell help
knowing I cant climb out
cant fall in
this void has saved me
and hurt me
this tI'me is different
don't know what drove me
here to this void I know so well..
will it hurt?
will I land?
questions I don't want answered
trying so hard to run
no one to here my screams
those who can hear
stand and laugh
knowing to well
this void will devour
anything that enters
found it! an epiphany
emotions, that drove me
now this void
it lures me
numbness, silence, freedom
but I cant go
too much to do here
cant go yet
my heart pulls me closer
I see him, I slip
must remember its a trick
trying so hard to fight
don't know how to rebuff
this feeling ..
I feel tears
gaaaa!! I cant hold hold on
he speaks
I slip again
one misstep
and I'm gone
I know that this tI'me I wont be able to crawl out
I'm scared, frozen,
I scream again
i hear the laughs

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