The Little Girl on the Bus

March 11, 2012
By Roxannex GOLD, Liverpool, Other
Roxannex GOLD, Liverpool, Other
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What friends he had
called him Rick
To the little girl on the bus
-the man with the eyes that stick

That little girl,
That little girl was me
And boy those eyes stuck
Soon riddling me with insanity

An anti-clockwise life
He then married a backward wife
For not a lady was she at all

As he lay on the bed,
wistfully she gave him head
But her, oh he would not wear
Instead he'd just stare and stare the little girl on the bus

The author's comments:
About a pedophile. A predator. Luring his eyes upon a very young girl out of his reach. But rather than sparking suggestions of this man's very much unethical nature, the poem in whole is more a portrayal of the strage inparticular allure to innocence. For the little girl on the bus, is most certainly what would be described as 'a nymph'.

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