The Valley of the Lights

March 11, 2012
By Roxannex GOLD, Liverpool, Other
Roxannex GOLD, Liverpool, Other
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The Valley of the Lights

Alone I abscond, to The Valley of the Lights
Not a single soul in sight, my face painted white
Basked in twilight, each working man's excite
But it's that of fright, which takes the whores delight
Roxanne they call, come down from your stall
A look of appal, but don't you worry, there's more to enthral
Take this busker for instance, never you make your distance;
it's here I made my very existence, come here, give him six pence!
Yet still alone I tread, like a needle, without a thread
Beguiled in contempt, any aspiration now dead
But I carry on instead, because let's face it
Never will you see a place so bright
I arrive home again, at last, The Valley of the Lights

It is there in my hotel chamber, where I find no such manger
That I'm left with nothing but endless wails of debauchery
Old man. Cruel Eyes. Filled up with glee.
Oh what I wouldn't give to castrate the misery!
I say this, but then I leave, contradiction wrote all over my sleave
Throwing myself into the pit of lost souls
Men without goals, women who put on shows
An endless and deadly life of vice
Though something must entice, for me to pay the price
Of a downward spiral amongst my dear creatures of the night
Once again, inflamed with ignite
I walk, my one and only road, The Valley of the Lights

The author's comments:
A satirical rambling of how we can never truly escape our past. 'The Valley of the lights' symbolic for the colorful yet still somewhat dark nature dotted in our minds which is history. Also, insinuations of a former prostitute past/life of vice

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