The Ailment of the Night

March 11, 2012
through the woods.
Look left-
is something there?
Breathing… living- I can feel it.
Out here,
in the night
with the rays of the moon on my cheek
and the rays of the stars on my back-
out here, in the night,
The world is breathing.

Not sleeping, no-
the world
is like New York.
The world never sleeps.
At night,
it flourishes.
It inhales
and exhales.
It lives.
And I can feel
the pure life
out of everything I touch.

I can hear it…
I can see it,
Feel it
Taste it
Smell it-
And now I can feel that life
Filling me up.
Like a gas tank.
Energizing me,
rejuvenating me-
because the life out here
is simply contagious.

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