The Essence of Me

March 8, 2012
By rzellmer BRONZE, Woodbury, Minnesota
rzellmer BRONZE, Woodbury, Minnesota
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The essence of me: balance

The first word that comes to mind--determination

Dedication in everything I do

Whether in sports or in school

That's why I'm successful

Constantly driven on doing my best

Even if that means relaxing from time to time...

I pride myself on being crowned, "The Best Relaxer in the World"

And then I get back to work, accomplishing my task

The essence of me: balance

I use challenges to my advantage, engaging my knowledge in full

My creativity sprouts to its full potential then

I investigate for an imaginative answer

My unique ideas, artistic compared to some

But not so creative that they become unrealistic

Because I'm a problem solver for the real world

The essence of me: balance

I show off my sporty side: shooting in basketball, slamming in tennis

I'm sassy and aggressive in them

But when I get off the court, my sweet side shows

The essence of me: balance

I gaze at football games and occasionally throw the ball around

I scarf down foods of all kinds, like a man would

But I like my nice clothes to express an admirable sight

Charming jewelry screams out my name

And I adore pink just as much as Barbie

The essence of me: balance

"Renaissance Woman", "Jill of All Trades"

I'm not quite there yet

But I attempt to achieve versatility

The essence of me: balance

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