I Wish I Had More Time With You

March 8, 2012
By Anonymous

I wish I had more time with you
Before you had to go
I wish I had a bit more strength
To tell you what I know

I thought I’d tell you later
But it never came to pass
I guess I didn’t love you deep enough
I wanted it to last

That sudden drop, that sudden stop
And down, down you went
I hadn’t a chance to blink or cry
And my heart is forever bent

I ask myself, I ask every day
Why I never told you
Maybe it was fright, I had no might
I couldn’t even say adieu

So I wish I told you long ago
From the moment it all began
But alas, I hadn’t, and
The devil had won again

But wait—what is this
Another one I see
Walking down the wayward street
And there—he dropped his keys

I battle inside, I battle this fear
Of the Lamb and of the Grimm
Then I stoop to pick up the keys he dropped
And rush off after him.

The author's comments:
One of the worst things about life is regret.

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