March 8, 2012
By CharlyConklinWillEatYourHeart BRONZE, Oakland, New Jersey
CharlyConklinWillEatYourHeart BRONZE, Oakland, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"When the root is strong, the fruit is sweet" - Bob Marley

A world of purple
So dark and rich,
When it’s gone
It will be missed.
This is your moment
Up in the clouds
The voices are silenced
That once were so loud.
Just you and yourself
Down to the bone
Naked forever
You’re here all alone.
This place is comfort
The only person you
You feel unborn
You feel brand new.
Acoustic guitars
The strings vibrate near
They play soothing music
It fills in your ears.
Round like the world
But this belongs to you
The honesty you see,
Is known as only true.
It’s not too hot
But it’s not too cold
This journey is becoming
A story untold
An unknown land
That’s only in your mind
Your body goes numb
Your thoughts become blind
Then you a feel a drop,
A drip upon your feet,
One falls on your tongue
So addicting and sweet.
Is that grape?
Or the taste of seperation?
You question if this moment
Is only your imagination.
Right before your eyes
They hum songs of love
Four hummingbirds pass
Swoop from above
You watch as they fly
Such elegance and power,
Controlling themselves
As they sip from white flowers.
Suddenly you're back
Looking down from a skyscraper
You wish back for that moment
You wish back for it later.
But it's only one second
Goes as fast as a sin
This is the experience
Of euphoria within

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