March 8, 2012
By daniidarkee BRONZE, Oakland, New Jersey
daniidarkee BRONZE, Oakland, New Jersey
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Everyday from now on, I want to wake up to emeralds.
I want to immerse myself into your eyes and never come out.
To get tangled in the jungle of our entwined limbs, with no way out,
except for the exploration of each other’s frames.
Working our fingers in and out of secluded areas of each other’s
physiques and getting to know each other so much better with silent cryptic glares that only have meaning between you and I.
No words. No words needed, just small mysterious movements
across our torsos signaling our desire to just make the next move.
Hand in Hand, I want to roam the mattress a little longer.
I want to immerse myself in the sea of sheets to only swim
right into your arms.
The second I see your smile slowly come through and
I can see pure happiness in you, like it is in me.
Suddenly I realize where I am.
I’m exactly where I belong. I’m with you, wrapped
in your arms, lost in a haze of your emerald eyes, and falling.
Falling madly in love.

The author's comments:
It's about waking up and realizing just how much you want to be with this one person the rest of your life.

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