Perfection at Ease

March 8, 2012
By Yididya Yimer BRONZE, Woodbury, Minnesota
Yididya Yimer BRONZE, Woodbury, Minnesota
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This goes out to the girls in the world,
Who don’t understand their price,
Dedicating their lives,
For a single man, to say, “Wow, you look nice.”

For the girl, hours infront of the mirror,
Wanting to see herself clearer,
Reaching for that mascara wand,
Wanting to make her lashes long.

For the girl, wishing to be someone else,
Selling her personality to some other self,
She’s written perfection on her wrist,
But, did she forget that perfect will never exsist?

For the girl, crying because she isn’t good enough,
Basically dying someone told her she wasn’t skinny enough,
Tears streaming down her face while kneeling down to say grace,
And ask God to bless her with a prettier face.

No acts of judgement and no charge of accusation,
Not condemnation, nor condensation,
Just a boost of confidence,
For the girls in this pandemic sensation.

The author's comments:
An original free verse poem, I wrote after watching friends, family and sisters struggle with their own image, not accepting themselves for what they've been given.

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