March 8, 2012
By Nick Anthony BRONZE, Oakland, New Jersey
Nick Anthony BRONZE, Oakland, New Jersey
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Closer to the edge as I lose my footing.
Next thing I know, gravity has taken over
And I am falling to the ground.

As I fall faster and faster, I see my life;
I think back to the times when I was young.
I remember my days as a mattress racer,
I thinks about the time I was a spaceman wearing a fish bowl.
The fear of landing skips me to another time.

I flash back to when I was 12.
I was finally able to see the better things in life.
I could see that there were no cooties and that girls were not gross.
I now wanted to live my life a much different way.
I skipped once again.

Now I was in high school.
I found that one of the girls I used to think was gross,
Was staring at me from across the room.
I smiled back at her,
This moment had been lost for years.

I continued to fall and realized that I had forgotten.
I forgot about all of the small moments in life.
Some of them favorites.
I was sad that I had let all of these moments slip.
I no longer kept them close.

I wanted to go back.
The days when I rode my stairs like a Ferrari.
The days when I learned the truth about girls.
The days when I found my true feelings.
I wanted to go back.

I hit the ground and my leg was in pain.
Even this brought me back to an earlier time.
I flashed back to the day that my leg broke
When I was a mattress racer.

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