Booty work epidemic

March 8, 2012
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“Let me see your booty work
Left cheek, right cheek
Left cheek, right cheek
Left cheek, right cheek”
Sex definitely isn’t on T-Pain’s mind
Or yours.
Do you watch TV?
Victoria secret commercials,
Borderline rated R snuff, really.

Music videos
Everyday innuendos.
Those awful “That’s what she said”
“Yeah the test? Oh my god it was so hard.”
Cocky laugh, “That’s what she said”.
She definitely didn’t say that.
This is the generation of 13 year old boys.

“Come on, let’s do it.”
“But baby we’ve been dating for a month”
“Come on its been a month that I’ve had to keep hearing booty work,
And not being able to relate”
And people wonder why so many kids are having kids.

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