March 8, 2012
You're walking on a tightrope, girl-
watch out, there's no net beneath.
You're teetering over that edge, sweetie;
watch out before you make that fateful leap.

Balancing in that small line,
trying to always be right.
Can't you ever be wrong, girl?
Oh no. Not in your life.

But are you really faultless
in these games you play with me?
Hell no, you conceited b****:
Open your eyes and finally see.

I'm done with playing your games, girl-
I'm starting to toe the line.
I'm ready to win this final race,
so go ahead-- take your sweet time.

I'm done with second chances
you've shown me people don't change.
So stop begging at my doorstep;
I'm done playing these games.

I put up with all your bulls***
all the lies and pretending to care.
So when you need me the most, baby,
you'll turn and realize I'm not there.

You see, I'm not that bad of a person,
you've just worn down on my last nerve.
I'm finally putting my foot down-
it's time for you to learn

How badly your actions have hurt the one
you swore to always love.
Soon enough, you'll finally realize
Everyone around you has given up.

I'm sorry to say I'm really not sorry,
but I'm tired of getting hurt.
This is my last goodbye to you-
so long, you heartless jerk.

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