Michael Jordan

March 8, 2012
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He is the most terrific basketball player that there ever will be.
No matter what anyone says differently.
He dedicated his life,
His time,
And his passion
To the sport he loves,
And his commitment to the game
Was never forgotten.
He went through pain,
And paparazzi,
But he never gave up,
Never looked back,
And never broke down.
He held on tight.
And like he always says,
“If you run into a wall,
Don’t turn around and give up,
Figure out how to climb it,
Go through it,

Or work around it.”
That’s what he was known for,
That’s how he got here today.

Being asked for autographs
Here, there, and everywhere.
People overflowing with jealousy
Over his talents,
And being the best role model & basketball player
There will ever be.
Michael Jordan:
Hard work, bumps, bruises and cuts equal success,
And being known as the greatest.

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