Do I Matter

March 8, 2012
See What No One Understands Is that as simple as i might be im still hurting on the inside of me.
Crying and forever dying of trying to find that missing side of me.
I want to tell so many whats the main problem but how can i when i dont even know whats wrong.
Im always angry at the craziest things trying to make a way through the pain.
I tell everyone that i just want to be happy but in order to be happy you have to work for it.
Im tried of crying trying to find out where do i begin.
How Come no ones here to help me begin.
Passing me along living there life as i sit in Disstress trying to figure what is their life like.
Angry that my mother see's every reason to look at me in suspense.
When even though im in love and care for so many it still brings me pain.
Do any care to sit and ask me my pain?
Would anyone like to know Why am i crawling and not walking?
Im Just a baby sixteen and still got a long way to go.
Yet im sitting here wanting to end my life because it feels like its more than i can bare.
Maybe its just me i think as i walk being pushed and shoved through the crowd.
Maybe im making everyone this way.
I have yet to know what it mean to find sympathy and want to cry.
I cried so much that i have no tears.
Ive came a long way just to be told to turn around because i dont belong.
It hurts because i want to be normal going through hell to make sure i get there.
I want to know wheres my peace and sanity.
So here i am writing poems again though i was done wheni fell in love but here i am again with the same old never ending story.
So I made up my mind to care enough to listen to other people but im going to stop and say DO I MATTER?
My feeling hurt.
Im lost but yet im found.
I Feel no hope even when im around family.
Shattered With alot of pain and broken pieces on the floor I Cry Out Please Tell Me I Matter...
With No More Words Im Out To Let My shadows swallow me whole.
Do I Matter at sixteen years old... wanting to take my life... Wanting to have a baby... Wanting to give all my cares away to the boy i love... I ve been done wrongt... Im still not being heard....
So i ask again to everyone.... Anyone... Do I Matter???

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