March 8, 2012
By Megzzie SILVER, Auburn, Maine
Megzzie SILVER, Auburn, Maine
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Another silent killer
One that eats up the inside soul
Something that cant be just cured with a drug

It makes you cry every night
The only way I can drift off to sleep
Makes me miserable

And you cant tell the person who gave you it
Only put a fake smile on my face
Just so they will be pleased
And wont be miserable themselves

The only thing that would kill you the most
Seeing them upset with themselves
And it was all your fault
All your fault

You can never get rid of this pain
You can make it through the day
But only having few thoughts of suicide
You want the truth?
Thought about it four times in the past hour

Makes you feel dead inside
Like your worthless
Like you never have anything to offer the world

No one to make you smile
Unless you paint it on yourself
Only way

Fighting tears every second
But cant let anyone see me cry
Cant let them know that they won
Not today
Even though they didn’t even mean to make me like this
It just happened `

Happened through
Relationship problems
Losing your best friend to lies
When you didn’t even lie

Living Satan’s heaven
When you wish you were living Jesus’s
Then might actually have a chance of being happy

In my world being happy
Is a sacred joy
If you have for even the slightest moment
Its a treasure
Happy, joy, is a luxury of its own

You would kill to have it
Kill just to be happy?
Maybe in the end it will work
Is it the end right now?
I believe it is
Wish me happy trails.

It was a bizarre road it was
But now its time to slit my wrists
And hang from the rope
I would have loved meeting you
Maybe in another life

The author's comments:
Fiction, not myself. Put myself in another person's shoes.

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