Going Down

February 28, 2012
By tTOMG GOLD, Lisbon, Iowa
tTOMG GOLD, Lisbon, Iowa
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Around Around,
my emotions a whirlwind
Spiraling down,
and I don't know how
to break this spiral,
these emotions, this curse,
my feelings down
in rhyming verse
I'm falling faster,
the emotions deep,
I'm never safe,
not even in sleep
Love and Hate
Loss and Gain,
life never remains the same.
I used to love, and now am leeched,
I used to hate and now am too weak.
I lost too much, and it ended with gain,
will life never cease with its pain?
If life's a test,
only taken once,
can I take it in jest,
and always have fun?
Did I love him?
Or was it a lie?
Just my imagination,
passing me by?
Life's little questions,
spiraling me down...
Will I stop?
Is there no ground?

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