First Sight

March 11, 2012
By , Central, SC
In a single second,
On a Monday afternoon.
On a street in Missouri,
A bird flies away,
As a canal floods in India.
A pilot takes off his hat,
For the weather in Cancun
Is much too formidable.
“Can you see me now,”
Says a woman,
On top of a mountain.
A farmer picks a tomato,
His Adam’s apple moves
As he takes a bite.
A mother holds,
Her child’s hand,
As they wander aimlessly.
Another unfortunate soul,
In a poor lapse of judgment,
Wishes upon a shooting star.
A dandelion sways,
In a single gusting,
Breeze, naked and vulnerable.
The Pope sleeps in his bed,
Warm and cozy.
Bread bakes in an oven,
Somewhere in Budapest,
Hope it doesn’t burn.
Firemen save a girl,
With a teddy bear,
Named Wallaby the Kooh.
An author sleeps,
Head on a keyboard,
Drool on “p” and “o.”
A boy drops a coin,
In an old, rusty well,
Glad it’s only a penny.

In a single second,
On a Monday afternoon,
A man sees a woman,
A woman sees a man.
Both wish for one more second.

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