First Sight

March 11, 2012
By Anonymous

In a single second,
On a Monday afternoon.
On a street in Missouri,
A bird flies away,
As a canal floods in India.
A pilot takes off his hat,
For the weather in Cancun
Is much too formidable.
“Can you see me now,”
Says a woman,
On top of a mountain.
A farmer picks a tomato,
His Adam’s apple moves
As he takes a bite.
A mother holds,
Her child’s hand,
As they wander aimlessly.
Another unfortunate soul,
In a poor lapse of judgment,
Wishes upon a shooting star.
A dandelion sways,
In a single gusting,
Breeze, naked and vulnerable.
The Pope sleeps in his bed,
Warm and cozy.
Bread bakes in an oven,
Somewhere in Budapest,
Hope it doesn’t burn.
Firemen save a girl,
With a teddy bear,
Named Wallaby the Kooh.
An author sleeps,
Head on a keyboard,
Drool on “p” and “o.”
A boy drops a coin,
In an old, rusty well,
Glad it’s only a penny.

In a single second,
On a Monday afternoon,
A man sees a woman,
A woman sees a man.
Both wish for one more second.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to right this piece through my own experiences with "love." When you're attracted to someone, everything in the world seems to stop. One second seems to stretch on forever and ever.

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