March 11, 2012
By barbarick32 BRONZE, Applgate, California
barbarick32 BRONZE, Applgate, California
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What is beauty 
A question often asked 
Can such a thing be described?
A concept so vast 

Is it in the stars
As they illuminate the night sky 
Or must they contend with shining sun 
And the vast blue sky 

Is beauty something that we see 
Or something that is felt 
Does the vibrant grass compete with the wind 
There both so gentle on the skin 

Does it exist in my desire 
The feeling that I get 
As I feel the smooth skin of a woman's body 
The soft caress of her lips 

Does beauty lay in love 
From here or up above 
The chance to never be alone 
Or never have to die 

It must be said that beauty is good 
For such a thing could not be bad 
Yet who's to say what's bad and good 
Can I? I'm merely a man 

Nay beauty does not exist 
Not as we perceive 
The beauty is everything 
In every breath we breath 

Her passing glance 
The setting sun 
And even crimson blood 

Beauty is existence 
It is eternal love 


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