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March 10, 2012
By Morrow_Grey SILVER, Williamsburg, Virginia
Morrow_Grey SILVER, Williamsburg, Virginia
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No one can explain a numbness that tears you down,
How emptiness fills up what's left in,
How you feel no more pain.

I don't which one is better,
To love or to have these friends.
I don't know how to save it,
Soon I can have nothing left.

His name isn't important,
It's his actions,
And his love that does this to me,
Her name isn't important,
She's a friend, I believe.

Distrust is always in me,
I can't stop thinking of who would do me wrong,
To you this may make no sense but this is heart.

I never had a good friend,
Who told me they'd stay and never go,
I never had a love who promised me life of love,
I forget how to get over these types of emotions that I bear,
I forget how to handle the messed up thoughts inside my head.

Her name isn't important,
His name isn't either,
My name, well you know it.

The author's comments:
i wrote this when i was thinking that my best friend and my boyfriend were sneaking around,,, months later i was right

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