March 10, 2012
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You can disappear and yet I'll still see that face of yours haunt me in this darkness. You can walk off the edge of the world and enter death but your name will still be written upon my heart. You can push me off the deepest cliff that brings me to my most feared death and yet your touch will still be felt on my skin. You can leave me in the darkest corner of my life filled with all my deepest fears and yet your beautiful whispers of our past would still echo inside my ears.

So I say goodbye as you leave me in this strange hallow place I count the memories, the tears that has fallen from my green eyes and the steps you take leaving me. I am alone without your love to live by and yet I'm still here hearing your name echo inside my head as my heart beats screams for you. So my love this is goodbye as I let you leave my arms forever.

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