Hope. Love. Destiny.

March 10, 2012
Standing in front of her lies a majestic door, that is as deep as the thoughts she thinks.
Exactly where it leads is yet to be discovered.
It is all that separates this lost soul from the magical world inside.
With just a glance it looks put together, yet antique.
She is not naive though, she can see the cracked paint and how in places the navy blue has begun to fade.
Along either side of the aged door lie black squares that were each carefully placed.
Dust over time has collected giving the tiles a grayish hue, leaving with it a faint smell of the years left behind.
A very busy corn spider has left hours of hard labor, hidden in the corner.
The melodious songs coming from the other side of this crooked world is enough to make her fall in love with the broken entrance.
Courageous, she steps through. She lets go of everything that world has told her. In that moment she becomes radiant with happiness. As she opens the door she sees her Father, who has patiently, lovingly, waited for this moment. She runs into his arms! She can’t believe what she has been missing out. Her life suddenly becomes whole.
Now with ambition from love she is capable of stepping out of her comfort box. She is able to be a light and no longer a follower of the world but a leader. No longer does she conform to the norm but she follows her Father, eyes wide open to the path before her. She sees the pain and broken hearts of the world, but also she sees the hope and destiny for this place!

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