Which Me Is Me

March 10, 2012
By tdunn0912 SILVER, Madison, Alabama
tdunn0912 SILVER, Madison, Alabama
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Favorite Quote:
"The mind won't erase what the heart won't forget."
-The Station Myth

They say.
They say they don't like me.
Yet they don't know me.

They say.
They say I'm immature.
They say I'm childish.
Yet they only see one side of me.

They say.
They say they expect more from me.
They say they thought there was more to me.
Here they are correct.

For there is more to me.
For they should expect more from me.
This is what they say.

But now they are disappointed in ME.
Disappointed in ME because I didn't meet THEIR expectations.

I say.
I say I can't win.
For if I'm me.
The deep, mature, foresightful me.
I'm a pompous, arrogant jerk.

Yet if I'm me.
The goofy, immature, silly me.
I'm a disappointment.

So as long as I stay me.....
I lose?

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