To the point

February 28, 2012
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To the point where your so numb
cutting is a hobby
to the point where your hurting so much
crying is a routine
to the point where
bleeding is relief
tears are your only freinds
to the point where
breaking hearts never end
what do you do to help me
do you even try
no you si tthere and stare
and watch me miserably cry
what are you to do
when I am feeling so much pain
no one really knows
when your to the point
where youve gone insane
Please dont judge me
When I feel the need to die
suicidal thoughts drownded me
breaking my wings to fly
please just listen to me
what I have to say
desperate for happiness
for a better day
I have no eyes
I have no heart
for I am blinded by lies
and my soul was ripped apart
and aching for you
hoping to hear you say
I love you to
my soul is in a coma
no one can really tell
but through my fake my smiles
I am in hell
to the point where ive gone mad
far more then insane
but please dont judge me
for we are all the same

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