So Dumb

February 28, 2012
By Anonymous

i am so dumb
for falling for you
for your blue eyes
for your skinny figure
for your cute smile
for… you
you are so dumb
for even liking me
for falling into my deep brown eyes
for saying you loved me
for wanting me
for liking…. me
i am so dumb
for asking you out
for we were young
for we didn’t know much
for wanting you
for needing…. you
you are so dumb
for going along
for not saying no
for falling too deep
for wanting the impossible
for having…. me
i am so dumb
i win the award
because when it comes down to it
i was the one that fell for a wh***
i am the loser in every day
i am the loser in this neverending land
i am the loser though i wont admit it
this was never part of my plan….
so i take my bow
exit of the stage
as i exit you say you love someone else
i am in fury
i hang up the phone
i hit my pillow forcefully
and listen to the silent tone….
i am so dumb
for falling in love with all
so very dumb
such a long way to fall…

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