The Bench Life

February 28, 2012
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The clock ticks,
Seconds turn to minutes,
minutes to quarters.
I sit, I wait, I cheer, I clap.
The half is winding down,
Nearly to the end,
Thirty seconds to go.
Then out of the blue,
The coach gets a clue.
He sends me in.
I run to the score table,
Then out on to the court.
My time to shine,
My chance to get in the game,
To make an impact,
To help my team.
Before I know it the buzzer sounds,
Signaling my return,
Back to the bench.
The rest of the game I sit in dismay,
Praying for the unimaginable,
To get back in the game.
Then, the final buzzer sounds.
There is no hope for the next game
Or the next game,
Or the next.
Why move me from a position I am good at,
Left bench, my home.

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