The Fire Known as Dawn

February 28, 2012
he sun sets the world on fire,
Burning away the lingering night.
The light is the ignition of the human routine,
And sets in motion the Human machine.
For Man is a slave to society.
A creature of a habit predetermined,
By people who cannot see His dreams.
Shackled by His own mindset,
Too afraid of stricture to break free.
So He conforms to society's will.

Dawn marks the birth of the all consuming fire.
The marching of societies slaves seen as urban commuting.
Can you truly be free following in footsteps gone before?
To cast off those chins is to outcast oneself.
A self-imposed exile born of unconventional desires.
For common ground is the birthplace of attraction,
Safety in the form of mass connection.
Knowing if you fall, others will to,
To weak to stand alone.

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