Three Little Words

March 1, 2012
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You gave me your heart and I shattered it in my hands,
Showered me in affection but I foolishly hid beneath an umbrella of fear.
But didn't you know better than to bestow all that power into such naive hands?
I was afraid to fall, because no one had been there to catch me before.
I kept you out because I was afraid you wouldn't love me once I let you in.
And now I am locked behind a gate of sadness.
You rebuilt your walls stronger than ever just as mine began to crumble.
So here we are, strangers with hearts aflame, with eyes that once danced to a sweet lullaby now icy and empty.
All the words still in my heart, left unspoken, cut like a knife. 
Three little words my lips could not form. 
Three little words my breath could not carry.
Three little words that could have changed everything.
I should have told you. 
I wish I told you.
And now it may be too late, but I'm not afraid:
I love you.
I always have and I always will.

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