Electronic Joy

March 1, 2012
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There is something I enjoy,
From blu-ray to 1080p resolution,
I may just be a teenage boy,
But video games are my solution.
With so many different types,
First-Person to role playing to fighting,
I can’t find any reason to gripe.
There is nothing more delighting.
The Legend of Zelda is my love,
I still play my Nintendo 64.
Letting the moon rise above,
The masks I wear breaches my core,
Majoras Mask is going down,
Now I am going to play Battlefield.
I am going to get a crown,
I’m not going to yield.
Going over to my Xbox,
I decide to play Gears of War.
My bullet zips over the water dock,
I really do enjoy gore.
Video games make me happy,
The best kind of joy.

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