March 1, 2012
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I slowly opened my eyes. I had no recollection of anything before I ended up here. But I didn’t panic at this; I felt relieved, calm, collected, and had a feeling of a new beginning. I stood up from my laying position and took in my new world. A few trees stood as tall as two or three story buildings. The grass was so soft between my toes that it almost felt like velvet. The smell of the air was so crisp, clean, and undisturbed. The Sun’s warmth wrapped around my skin like a soft and warm blanket. the sound of slowly drifting water was quiet but noticeable. I walked over to a small pool, cupped my hands and scooped up some water. The water brought a satisfying tingling sensation to my tounge and it was a little sweet. I strolled over to a hill and started climbing. Finally I reached the top, but it took little effort. I could see a raging ocean to the west, sugar cane stocks growing around a quiet lake to the east, a small flowing river that entered a mine to the south, and a slightly dense forest to the north. The sun was setting and made a perfectly beautiful hue of a pink and lavender sky. I was alone, but I had no loneliness or worries. Just peace...

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