I am Brown Eyes

March 1, 2012
By superc0llider SILVER, Alexandria, Virginia
superc0llider SILVER, Alexandria, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"Those who talk the most about individuality are the ones that most object to deviation, and maybe one day that will change. One day, everyone will just think what they want to think, and then everyone will probably be thinking alike." -- Andy Warhol

Darling, what’s your father like?
How’s that fortune family?
Do ink and skin still strike the light?
Like the day they met your fancy?

Do you sit and write your hearts delight,
And watch the days drag on,
Do you sing and dance the night away
To someone elses favorite song?

Good make-up but bad company,
Equipped with the benefit of doubt,
Darling you start bonfires,
But can you put them out?

How dreary to be wholesome,
Unworthy as you seem,
Do you dare to fake a smile?
Or wear a diamond you don’t mean?

Grass freshly cut and smelling so,
For many know the taste,
But pride is shed quite like a tear,
Perfection such a waste.
For many flaws would care to dance
The night away with you,
So that you may sit upon your silk,
Your company worth two.

Oh, how it makes you better,
Your eyes just seem to shine,
You’ve written all your characters
And setting just in time

The climax is your sorrow
That eclipses all your greed,
Your charm and wit and temperament,
Oh the eloquence of need.

The smoke it lets you breathe again,
It feels nearly just like love,
To feel and ache of purpose
With fire dancing on your tongue,

Your legs, they have stopped working,
Your mind has come undone,
It’s the sensation that you crave,
oh how tightly you were strung!

Between collapsing walls,
And clasping hands,
You know that it has won.

Oh, it has taken over you,
A whole world all at once.

The author's comments:
For those who grow up too fast.

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