Sway to Where Your Balance Sings Best

March 1, 2012
With your own fingers down your throat,
You fill your mouth with words you’ll never say,
And because you bit your tongue,
Again your wisdom learns to save the day.

That day you learned to pick out all your battles,
And to choose whichever ones will win you most,
But please don’t be surprised when your eyes water,
And your journals filled with things you never wrote.

You won’t say a word when the whole world knows your story,
That’s filled with holes and lies you’ve never told,
When your favorite song seems to change its lyrics,
And you can only kiss the hands you know you’ll never hold.

And you won’t wonder just what happened,
When the mirror shrieks and leaps out of your view,
But still, you’ll pretend to fake a smile,
When your only love loves someone that’s not you.

For though your clothes will sag, and your shoes won’t fit your feet,
You’ve won the most rewarding prize,
Of never being forced to face defeat.

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